Lucas Napper — 3d Generalist based in Bay Area

Unannounced works

Things I worked on

Role3d artist Date2015

Spearheaded a rapid prototype content creation tool that allowed artists to modular build Commercial, Residential and Industrial buildings from a library of architectural pieces and textures.

Created large portions of the Textures used on the buildings. Modeled many of the tan residential buildings, light tan with colorful awning commercial buildings and created LODs for many of the assets on screen

Low Poly building models, LODs, vertex shading, baked lighting/AO, hand authored textures

Shader set up, texture libraries and modeling including (Waterfront buildings, hospital, hotels, police dept) for visual target buildings (Cryengine)

Shader set up, texture libraries and modeling for visual target buildings (Cryengine)

Textured and modeled Japanese city set residential and commercial buildings